Frequently Asked Questions – Chinese

The name of your company is Aur Cymru Limited, what does it mean? – Chinese

the words Aur Cymru mean Welsh Gold in the Welsh language.

How are you able to supply items containing Welsh gold when there are no working gold mines? – Chinese

Our main source is gold panned from the rivers and streams of Wales. This is a time consuming process and the yields are low but enough to get by.  However we can only supply a limited number of 100% Welsh gold items each year.  We also have a reserve stock of Welsh gold mined from the old Gwynfyndd mine.

How are you still able to obtain gold panned in Wales when there is a ban at the present time? – Chinese

There are still areas in private hands not covered by the ban.

Are all your items hand made? – Chinese

Yes they are unless otherwise stated.

Will I receive a Certificate of Provenance that my wedding ring contains Welsh gold? – Chinese

Yes you will.

Is it true that the British Royal family traditionally have wedding rings made from Welsh gold? – Chinese

Yes it is. And quite a lot of A list celebrities too. When Prince William married Kate Middleton her wedding ring was made from Welsh gold in keeping with long tradition.  And, of course, the wedding ring of Diana, Princess of Wales, was made from Welsh gold.

Does Welsh gold look different to other gold? – Chinese

No, it doesn’t. There is a myth that it is naturally rose coloured and some manufacturers artificially induce that colour by introducing copper into the mixture.

Are you able to deliver to all parts of the world?- Chinese

Generally speaking yes but there will always be exceptions. Please check with us. Unless there are exceptional circumstances delivery is free.