About Us

Aur Cymru Limited (the name means Welsh gold in the Welsh language) was established in 2013 after over ten years in the planning. During those years we carefully built up reserves of scarce Welsh gold until we had sufficient to launch our business.

We excel in designing and hand-making beautiful jewellery, particularly wedding rings, in 18 carat Welsh gold and in a range of other precious metals.

We specialize in making authentic 18 carat Welsh gold wedding rings.  Welsh gold is very scarce, however our reserves are good due to careful management and planning in the extended period before the launch of our business.

Everything we do is of exceptional quality from start to finish. Beautifully designed, lovingly made by hand and creatively packaged.

Everything is made to order. To check whether we can supply a pure Welsh gold ring please email our managing director here – Contact Me – or telephone 01723 368485 for UK calls or International calls +44 1723 368485.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to ask – we will answer promptly. See our FAQs section for comprehensive background information.

Our Welsh gold comes from either gold panned in the rivers and streams of Wales or from the old Gwynfynydd mine.

We own the Welsh Maiden trademark which is exclusive to Aur Cymru Limited. It is used only on our range of 18 carat Welsh gold wedding rings and jewellery as your guarantee of authenticity.

For your peace of mind we provide a Certificate of Authenticity with each item bought.

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