Welsh Gold

 Today Welsh Gold is sought after more than ever.

There are many reasons why you should choose to invest in a piece of jewellery from Aur Cymru Limited rather than any other manufacturer.  All our items are bespoke, remarkably beautiful designs, hand made to order.  Each piece incorporates 5% of pure Welsh Gold in all our products.  From time to time we may be able to supply rings with a 100% Welsh Gold contentplease enquire. 

Having bought from us you can rest assured that you have chosen wisely and you will be the proud owner of superbly hand crafted jewellery to give you a lifetime of pleasure. 

Most people know the long association between Royalty and Welsh Gold and there is good reason – extreme scarcity.  No Welsh Gold has been mined since January 1999 when the Gwynfyndd Gold Mine in Dolgellau closed.  The Clogau mine closed in 1998.  Since then the only source of Welsh Gold has been gold panning and even that source has been largely curtailed following a ban on some stretches of river.  But some privately owned runs can still be panned although it is painstaking work.  We are fortunate in that over the years we have been able to build up substantial reserves largely from the Gwynfynydd mine which is supplemented by gold panned before the ban and from areas that can still be worked.  Our jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the Welsh Gold used fully complies with all regulatory requirements. 

We are not a mass producer of jewellery with undefined Welsh Gold content.  With Aur Cymru products you are investing in the real thing.  We never use terms like, ‘a touch of Welsh Gold’ or ‘a hint of Welsh Gold’ or ‘incorporating Welsh Gold’ as some other manufacturers do.   

All our jewellery is 18 carat and is a mix of genuine Welsh Gold and Fairtrade Gold. 

Each piece of our jewellery is carefully crafted to become one of your most prized possessions to be passed down the generations. A piece of jewellery from Aur Cymru Limited is a piece of history in your hands.

We are immensely proud to offer this range to be worn and enjoyed for the timeless pieces they are.

The designs are contemporary whilst informed by the ancient designs and traditions of our forefathers creating a direct link to antiquity. Simple yet sophisticated classic forms merging high carat Welsh gold with other precious metals – whether it be platinum, gold or silver – and pearls and carefully selected semi-precious or precious stones. Because each piece is made to order you can decide exactly what you want. We can even make pieces completely to your design.

Jewellery such as torcs were worn by early Welsh royalty and we are very happy to include authentic designs in our range. They come either plain or with semi-precious stones. These are hugely beautiful and desirable objects to grace any wearer.

We have a beautiful range of neck pieces, bracelets and rings to compliment the torcs for those with a discerning eye. Gold, and particularly Welsh gold, comes at a price, and always has done, but as you linger over the images, you will begin to understand the lasting pleasure owning a piece will bring. Our jewellery stands apart from the majority of the mass produced pieces.

At Aur Cymru Limited we love the jewellery we create and we know that you will too.

+44 (0)1723 368485     gbrown@welshgold.com

+44 (0)1723 368485     gbrown@welshgold.com